How to Remove Paint from a Bathtub

All right, you guys so here’s the tub, its basically an almond tub that was coated before so I’m just kind of feeling off a real thin coat of loose material. So the first thing I do is just going to take off the bathtub stopper. I use 60 grit, sandpaper and you’re wondering like if you’re going to strip it. Why are you sanding it? Well, I sand it because also plug the drape that’s very important. 

I sand it to kind of open it up because when I spray on the paint or epoxy remover from Jasco, the stripping material or the chemicals, I want it to seep into the existing coating. It actually helps it and is much easier to strip off so, and I will be taking off that overflow cover in a second here, but just sanding down the entire tub with 60 grit. You can go 80 grit. I, like the more coarse, the better because its gonna be coming off anyway, so I just kind of just go over it with my hand, scuff everything up really well.

So that way, when I spray the material, the chemicals have something to kind of seep into all right. So now its time for the Jasco premium paint and epoxy remover. I love using the spray can on a tub only because there’s not much over there’s, not any over spray really, and it just shoots out pretty straight its like a foam almost and I can just coat it over the surface and remember I sanded it down so its going to seep into those scuffed areas.

And then you’re going to let it sit for about 15 minutes and it will start to bubble and then you’re going to be able to tell how well that coating is that’s on before. If it bubbles real easily, then you know its not a great product. If it takes maybe a few coats of jasco, then its probably a decent product here, its probably on the lower end of quality, so just spraying it on make sure youve got your gloves. Respirator Make sure you’re wearing your respirator with clean filters and also have a fume extractor ill. Show you that, in an upcoming video, my fume extractor that I have in the room with the hose – and you can see here that its starting to bubble. 

This is after waiting for a little bit. Then I’m going to go ahead and take a single edge blade and literally just scrape it, and so you’re going to see coming up I’m going to show you the full stripping of the tub. I do cut out some parts but im showing you the full stripping and just to give you the effect um that its a lot of work and that it definitely is something that, if you’re doing it, you definitely need to charge for or if you’re having it done, then you need to expect to pay more for it because this is the dirty work. This is the dirty work that a lot of homeowners or property managers – just don’t want to do, so here I am, just taking a scotch brite pad, or you can take even some sandpaper and I am just kind of cleaning up the loose areas. 

I kind of do this as I go just so that way, its just a cleaner workspace and so im just going through, knocking off all the loose areas, as you can see, and then ill get right back into stripping the rest and, as you can see, im just kind of scraping along here and ill, probably usually on a bathtub ill. Probably go through about three or four blades the single edge blades. They get a little dull as I scrape and they also break depending on how some of the areas are adhered to the tub.

If it’s adhered or bonded really well, then sometimes the blades will break, so I usually go through about three or four in a stripping process. So now, I’m just wiping down just with some paper towel, just kind of taking off all the loose some more loose areas, just kind of putting everything together. So I can just throw it away all right. So here we are that’s the strip tub, but I still got to do the front apron. 

I havent stripped that yet, but you can see there’s a little gloss which tells me that whoever did it before didnt acid etch it so im gon na go ahead and clean up again, all of the loose debris all loose pieces and then im gon na go ahead and spray on the jasco on the outside apron and scrape that off then ill go ahead and do a full acid wash of the tub, which will rough it up for adhesion, which you can see the shine and

You could see the bat the non-slip marks at the bottom that’s another indication that it was not acid washed. You

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