Are you looking to hire an expert kitchen remodeler to your first project? Let’s start at the outset. Remodeling your kitchen is an enormous undertaking! There are many moving components. There are a lot of decisions that have to be made. As you are aware there are some major financial consequences. In the past few years, we’ve concluded that most homeowners talk to organizations like the Home Advisor in a way that is a bit too early.

A lot of times, homeowners were interested and looking for details, not for quotes. If you visit homeadvisor.com and fill in your details, it will be shared with several contractors that are paying for their services. They are extremely eager to get your business. This is fantastic news whenyou are at that stage where you’re ready to look at a kitchen layout and receive quotes from a variety of companies.

If you’re not yet ready to speak any person, and you are not ready to meet with anyone, then the calls from the kitchen remodel contractors who keep calling are often overwhelming and can deter you from pursuing your dream of a renovation. If you’ve been placed on a list of callers after making your contact information available online, we suggest to notify the contractors you’re not ready. This will end the endless phone calls (magic words = “please add me to your do not call list”).

The process of beginning kitchen remodeling is one of the toughest parts because many people aren’t sure what to do to begin. Here are the steps you should take prior to when you talk to an kitchen remodeling kitchener professional.

Step 1: Decide Why You Want A Kitchen Remodel

The first thing to do is think about it! What are the reasons you’d like to have to remodel your kitchen? What is the reason that most renovation projects for your home begin with the kitchen? It’s because you must understand how to answer this query. Look deeper, look past the color of the cabinets What else are you looking for? Below is a list of things we frequently hear from customers who call us to discuss a new design and estimate for kitchen remodeling. Note any of these statements you can agree with (and those that aren’t mentioned). Go to the link and note down any ideas that are suggested, which you might want to think about to remodel your kitchen. The kitchen remodeling specialist will be looking over the list if they are aware that you’ve got it. This process will help make sure that your kitchen remodel is equipped with the features you’re seeking.

The Kitchen Cabinets…
  1. Are not in style
  2. Are of poor quality
  3. Aren’t functional
  4. The height is not enough (or not enough)
It is the Countertops have been…
  1. Or I’m fed up of having to clean grout
  2. Insufficient space
The Flooring…
  1. The website needs to be updated
The Kitchen…
  1. The lighting inside the kitchen area is extremely inadequate
  2. Appliances are damaged or out of date
  3. Space was poorly designed.
  4. Are you short of storage space?
  5. Doesn’t have any pantry could see
  6. Doesn’t have enough seating space
  7. The design isn’t perfect with my house (ie I don’t want my guests to stroll straight into my kitchen)
  8. Too small/not open enough
  9. Island is too big/small/designed poorly
  1. The home isn’t as efficient in energy efficiency
  2. I have an older parent who is moving in and would like to make room for them
  3. This is my home for the rest of my life and I’d like to build an environment where will allow me to grow old in.
  4. I suffered from flood damage

Every year , homeowners consider the need to remodel within their homes. In 2018, as in years before 53percent of renovation companies saw an rise in bathroom and kitchen remodeling. Why do homeowners choose to renovate their kitchens? As you can see from the above table that the reasons vary! Are you able to figure out your motives? They are essential since they lead one to the following step!

Step 1A: Research Kitchen Cabinets

Remember that choosing kitchen cabinets is the most expensive (or second-highest) cost for remodeling your kitchen, so it’s important to understand the options available. A lot of homeowners go in with unrealistic expectations since they’ve not conducted their due diligence. For instance, you could not use your cabinets and then simply alter them to flow in a different way. This is not an alternative. It’s also extremely likely that you won’t be able to install cabinets that fit with the existing cabinets. Here are the kitchen cabinet alternatives:

  1. Replace your cabinets
  2. Reface or Refurbish your cabinets
  3. Refinish or re-paint your cabinets
There are various kinds of cabinets, and you’ll want to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each one and the one that your professional (architect designer, architect, or contractor) suggests and provides.
  1. Custom kitchen cabinets
  2. Semi-custom kitchen cabinets
  3. Stock kitchen cabinets

When you are at the point of creating your kitchen’s remodeling (getting into the in-depth details of traditional and modern cabinets, colors as well as styles) there are literally thousands of choices, so we’ll hold off on the design aspect of your education until we reach the design stage of the kitchen remodeling.

It’s a good time to give a little tips: It takes many years – some might even say decades to become an expert in any particular subject (such like kitchen cabinetry or renovations to kitchens). If you’re hiring an expert then you don’t have to devote hundreds of hours absorbing each and every detail about each option that is available there. You’ll cause yourself (and your expert) completely insane. Believe me when I say that you won’t get a pleasant time at the close the day, if you are trying to appear professional when you deal with an expert. Hire a professional or become one – however, you cannot accomplish both and still have an effective relationship. (Imagine visiting the doctor and explaining to him how to operate or visiting the mechanic and explaining step-by-step the steps to fix your engine. Make it your own – or get professionals).

Step 2: Decide Who Is Going To Do The Kitchen Remodel

It is important to consider the main reasons you’re looking to make changes (see above) to determine WHO is the ideal person to carry out the kitchen remodel. Are you confused about what I am talking about or wondering whether you’ll need to engage contractors? Here are the options:

  1. You can do it all yourself (DIY )….should you really try it? ?
  2. As a GC and engage a range of tradesmen to complete the work for you.
  3. Hire – an Architect, Designer, Design-Build Contractor, or a General Contractor

If you’re not sure which way to go it is highly recommended that you spend a few minutes to know the various types of builders and their specific remodeling skills are.

Step 2A: Educate Yourself on Kitchen Remodel Timelines

The timelines for kitchen remodels from the initial planning stage to the final inspections are likely to be longer than you’d expect. If you’ve made the decision that you’d like to revamp your kitchen ahead of the big gathering of your family or prior to putting your house on the market ensure you study the time it takes to locate a professional, create your space, select the materials you want to use, get permits, and complete your kitchen renovation.

Step 3: Understand Your Kitchen Remodel Options

Complete Kitchen Remodel

Renovate the entire kitchen or without floorplan adjustments

Partial Kitchen Remodel

Replace flooring and countertops and cabinets only, or reface kitchen cabinets, for instance

Kitchen Expansion

Expand into living space (may consist of knocking down interior wall) ORexpand into outdoor space. This may involve knocking down the exterior wall

Step 3A: Determine How Much You Are Willing to Spend

Start by understanding the costs related to the scope of work you have (what your contractor is going to build). The cost of remodeling your kitchen varies based on many factors, including:

  1. Kitchen size and the dimensions of the Remodel
  2. The type of kitchen remodel
  3. Scope of work
  4. Material selected
  5. The labor is involved
  6. What kind of contractor do you pick?
  7. The design of the kitchen renovation
  8. If the kitchen remodeling project needs to be allowed (this will impact the duration of the project and the price associated with the renovation)

Have you yet decided what you’re willing to invest in your renovation? Get started thinking about it! Contractors will be asking questions to see you communicate your kitchen remodel budget with them, if you already have it. The NKBA offers a fantastic online calculator to determine the cost of a kitchen remodel which is broken down according to the place where the money will go. This is a great place to start if do not have a plan! Another good resource to look at the price ranges for kitchen remodeling (and the potential value when you decide to sell your home in the future) is the cost-versus-value report from Remodeler Magazine that comes out each year. Before meeting with a contractor, make sure you know what your budget for the project is.

Surprised at How Much it Costs to Remodel?

Uh oh! Are you shocked by the figures you found using the Kitchen Remodel Calculator or cost against value report? If you are in an expensive living space (such such as Kitchener, ON) then the cost might have surprised you. Sometimes they surprise us! So what do we do? Are you ready to give up the kitchen you’ve always wanted? NO! There are options!

  1. Think about a partial renovation, however, be aware that not all contract options for kitchen remodels provide that option.
  2. Move (because it won’t be costly!) (it’s just a joke)
  3. Delay – set the project off for a year , then save your money
  4. DIY. You might be able to ask someone from your family or a friend to assist you. Make sure to walk with your eyes wide
  5. Get a loan

Step 3B: Kitchen Remodel Loan You Say? ?

It’s a good idea to think about it! There are many mortgange lending options to help you finance your home renovation. Here are some that you should consider:

  1. HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit)
  2. Credit Cards
  3. HERO Program
  4. Zero Interest Loans
  5. Reduced Interest Loans
  6. Same as cash loans
  7. Home Renovation Loans

Don’t be shy to inquire about the options your professional provides. That brings us to our next step!

Step 4: Find A Professional To Talk To!

Okay! You’re ready to talk to the person who is first to speak with! Who is the person? For a refresher this is your chance to find out!

Find an…

  1. designer
  2. architect
  3. general contractor
  4. kitchen remodel contractor

Many people aren’t sure of which expert for their kitchen renovation. We recommend reaching out relatives and friends for recommendations. Of course we have an extensive list of options for you to take into consideration, too. Each one has advantages and disadvantages, so take into account the pros and cons before deciding on which one to choose. It isn’t easy to choose the right contractor, but you can cut down on time by looking up the contractor’s license and their reputation prior to inviting them to your home.

  1. Referrals
  2. Better Business Bureau
  3. Angie’s List (great location for finding the contractor’s the reputation)
  4. Guild Quality (another great location to locate a contractor as well as verifiying the reputation of the contractor)
  5. Houzz (a excellent way to check the reputation of Houzz, though not as strict than Angie’s List and Guild Quality)
  6. Nextdoor.com (a great method to locate a reference but it’s not always the best method of confirming the reputation of the company)
  7. Home Magazines
  8. Yelp (a good way to locate businesses, but it’s not the best method to check reputation – go reviews and don’t just focus on the stars)
  9. Internet Searches (Google, Bing, Yahoo)
  10. Home Shows
  11. Street Fairs/Street Festivals
  12. Social Media

Step 5: Prepare For Your Meeting

Know what you should expect at the first time you meet. Ask the professional if they have something you need to have prepared. Even if they cannot provide any specific guidelines it is recommended to be prepared to talk about:

  1. Budget! It’s a waste everybody’s time if the budget is $5,000 and you’re looking to remodel your home for $50,000 and the expert is able to charge you $80,000 (yes it occurs!)
  2. Your goals: Go to Item #1 Did you note down what you intended to achieve through the remodeling project?
  3. The date you want to start or finish the project. If the expert knows what your kitchen renovation timeline is, he will be able to advise you to determine if they’re realistic.
  4. What are your expectations? If the renovation to be completed only during times when you’re at home, the contractor needs to be aware as it can impact the timeframe and cost of the remodeling. If you do not want the work to start early in the week, it will influence the schedule and cost.
  5. Make a list of questions you’d like ask the expert.
  6. Be aware of how they make you feel. If you feel agitated or angry or anxious, then take your time.
  7. Know your rights. If you are a resident of California and have signed an agreement at home, you are entitled to 3 days to cancel the agreement.

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