Different Types of Bathroom Renovations

If you’re planning an overhaul of your bathroom it is crucial to start with a basic understanding of the different types of bathrooms commonly used within Canadian homes. Here is a listing of the most popular bathroom kinds – along with important design ideas to take into consideration to make your bathroom a more appealing space, based on the bathroom you’re making and the kind of people you are planning to serve.

Master Bathroom Renovations

These bathrooms are spaciousand grand , and often reflect the luxury and elegance of a spa day. Master bathrooms are usually utilized with two or three individuals and therefore it is a His & Hers style featuring double vanity units with mirrors, shower heads and mirrors is extremely sought-after. A bathtub separated from the shower, plenty of storage space and a semi-private toilets are also available within the bathroom of the master, along with additional amenities like fireplaces and televisions, when the budget permits. The master bathroom should be designed to pamper the person who uses it, creating a tranquil space away from the hustle and bustle to enjoy a quiet and peaceful space decorated with lavish accessories. Consider marble or custom tiles, as well as luxurious fixtures.

Small Bathroom Renovations

A typical bathroom is typically comprised of an en suite shower room or bathtub as well as vanity, sink mirror, and toilet. It is crucial to remember that the lack of space is not a reason to stop the process of design, with infinite bathroom design concepts that can be used to tackle the problem of a small space. The floating of fixtures like vanities and toilets off the walls maximizes this unutilized space, and makes the space appear larger while also making cleaning easier by providing easy access to floors beneath. Alcoves and recessed niches can additionally make use of wall space making storage integrated; a brilliant idea that can open the space of the space and help you to clear out the bathroom since all of the bathroom accessories are now visible!

Ensuite Bathroom Renovations

While they’re often smaller in size, ensuites must remain functional, simple to use, and look as large as is possible. This is why the hiring of a professional could be highly beneficial, as someone who is knowledgeable and knowledgeable in bathroom remodels can utilize your space’s fullest potential. If you are renovating your bathroom, making the most of space and storage is crucial. Doors that slide open can provide extra space within the bathroom as well as adding storage to frequently under-utilized areas like above the toilet cisterns will maximize the space available. Mirrors are also an excellent method of making a space appear bigger. If used properly, multiple mirrors can bring out the visual in the form of reflecting light while also creating contrast.

Laundry-Bathroom Combo Renovations

In cases of limited space and space is limited, it’s not unusual to mix bathroom and laundry spaces, particularly in smaller apartment. The primary thing to consider when designing the space for these two purposes is to ensure that the bathroom is kept in a peace and tranquility. This is possible by hiding the appliances for laundry. Combination washers and dryers that are all-in-one or stackable can be great space-saving options and can be stored away in cabinets that are built-in. Bi-fold doors or concertina doors are also great to hide laundry products and partition walls that provide a distinct spaces between bathroom and laundry zones. The laundry shouldn’t dictate the design and style of the space, so consider using features like tiling and flooring that divert the eye away from the area of work towards the peace of the bathroom area.

Three-Quarter Bathroom Renovations

A three-quarter bathroom can typically consist of a shower with a sink, toilet, and storage. They are usually located close to the bedrooms of guests to make room for guests and provide all the necessities without sharing the bathroom with the family or master bath. Three-quarter baths can also be a great second bathroom within a larger home. While fixtures and surfaces are typically basic in these bathrooms, when you have expert guidance, even an ordinary bathroom can transform into a relaxing sanctuary. From luxurious shower heads and storage space to carefully chosen skylights and tiles that maximize the amount of light that enters, there’s an array of bathroom designs to make your dream bathroom no matter the dimension of your space.

Guest Bathroom Renovations

The most crucial aspects of bathrooms for guests is the availability of storage space and space. If family and friends come to visit, they’ll bring a variety of bathroom supplies and toiletries that they have brought along – therefore the bathroom you design for guests should give plenty of room for guests to spread their possessions. The open shelving design is ideal for bathrooms for guests, which allows the display of shower or bath accessories, along with linens and other items that allow guests to grab the items they require without the need to search through the cupboards. A neutral and calming style is advised, in order to appeal to a wide range of preferences and to make sure that the space is welcoming and bright.

Powder Room or Half-Bath Renovations

Although often the smallest of all the bathrooms, having a powder room can be extremely beneficial. These bathrooms traditionally feature a toilet, sink, vanity and mirror; which makes them a fantastic inclusion in homes that like to entertain, as they provide an additional bathroom space for guests, or just large families requiring the extra facilities. Since space is limited in a powder room, the layout needs to be functional – so that it does not look or feel cramped. Given it is not the primary bathroom in the house, and there is a smaller area to work with, many feel the powder room is a place to take design risks and also use it for storing items not being used in the main bathroom, dependent on space. Many real estate agents agree that including a powder room in your home is an extremely profitable addition.

Commercial Bathroom Renovations

The most important aspect of a commercial bathroom to keep in mind is their high frequency of usage and the different demands placed on these types of bathrooms. Whether they are servicing a restaurant, hotel, shop, office or factory, it is important that commercial bathrooms are functional, easy to clean and low maintenance. Any renovation carried out on a commercial bathroom needs to be thoroughly planned, ensuring that all building requirements and specifications are met, always keeping in mind that this will be a high traffic area and needs to withstand the pressure of constant usage. High quality, hard-wearing fixtures and fittings are highly recommended, to cope with constant use and reduce the need for frequent repairs and maintenance.

Bathroom Designs for the Elderly

Bathrooms are a part of the house that poses danger to those who are elderly or fragile. There are many options and accessories to create a safer space with nothing that looks odd. Installing a spacious walk-in shower that has an adjustable seat and a shower head can drastically decrease the possibility of falling while showering, just like non-slip tiles. Grab bars that are placed on the walls near the bath, shower, vanity and toilet can assist in sitting, standing and getting around the room and come in a variety of colors and designs to match various styles of bathrooms. If you are considering tapware, think about installing a transformer for taps that converts old taps to a single lever mixer, and reduce the strain on arthritis-prone wrists as you turn the taps on and off.

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