Kitchen Renovation Design Mistakes To Avoid

It’s simple to get carried away with the finished product when you have the renovation itch: design books, inspiration boards, and that sense that your home is fully finished. But every choice made during the remodeling process matters. We’re sure you have a lot of questions if this is your first time remodeling your house. We’ll talk about what to avoid doing now that you’ve heard enough about what to do. When beginning your kitchen renovation, be sure to avoid these 5 mistakes:

Choosing an Extra-Large Island When Your Space Is Limited

The kitchen island may appear to be the perfect answer to every problem with the kitchen’s flow and functionality, but it’s not quite that easy. You might not have enough space for the large island you had in mind if your kitchen didn’t gain any square footage throughout the remodel and you didn’t take any space from adjacent rooms like the living or family rooms. The efficacy of the many “zones” that you use to prepare and cook meals could be diminished by a big island in a tiny space, which could lead to even more flow problems. A remodeling company can assist you in determining what size and kind of island, such as a waterfall edge, rolling island, or eat-in buffet-style bar, will look best in your space. If your plan isn’t quite as open as you’d like it to be, a design-build specialist might even recommend a peninsula, offering you options for saving space.

Making Plans Other Than Storage

A significant layout modification might resolve functionality difficulties, but it might also make storage issues worse. Wherever you can, make sure to take space-saving choices into account. In accordance with the needs you communicate to them, your designer will lead you through the best storage options. Pull-out storage could be excellent for concealing garbage cans, cleaning materials, and spices. If you’re seeking for choices that are accessible but don’t interfere with the new aesthetic of the area, some homeowners even have appliances hidden inside appliance garages, such as the microwave or a refrigerator behind cabinets.

All Work and No Play

Avoid deciding on designs or layouts hastily without first taking into account how you will actually use the space. You’re remodeling because you want to make the most of your new kitchen. Use this chance to entirely redesign the area and tailor it to suit your precise requirements.

Make sure you take into account providing space for family and friends to gather, whether it be seats at the end of the island or an adjacent sitting area, as the company tends to cluster in the kitchen;
Don’t undervalue the impact of elements like lighting and backsplashes since they make it simple to connect old and new places;
Consider a kitchen expansion or whole-house remodel if you’re concerned about how the room currently functions. These changes will give you even more control over how things are operated.

(4) Finish your homework

Check to see if the remodeling firm or contractor you are considering has reviews of the many renovation jobs they have handled in the neighborhood. Did they do their best to adhere to the schedule and budget, or were the homeowners taken aback by how unpredictable the process was? One or two poor reviews might not raise any red flags, but you might want to think about whether they have a pattern. After all, this will be your reality for the duration of your own project!
Make sure to think about whether a design/build firm, which would have all the necessary expertise on staff, or a number of general contractors would be a better fit. Consider the project’s objectives, including the budget and schedule, as well as how much project management control you want as the homeowner. These will be the most important considerations when deciding which to select for your remodel.

Avoid going it alone

Here are some reasons why hiring a local professional is a must before starting a kitchen renovation:
They are accustomed to the remodeling, so they are aware of what kinds of renovations are popular, how much they will cost, and what potential purchasers are looking for.
The job will go easily because a local remodeling firm will have the resources to do it effectively, including a solid network of material suppliers and subcontractors and a thorough understanding of local permits and building codes.
It’s lot simpler to sign with a firm that has conducted award-winning kitchen renovations in San Jose than it is to sign with one that you are simply unsure of your ability to trust because you’ll know what you’re getting.

Don’t take any chances while choosing your home remodeling firm. To discuss your forthcoming kitchen, bathroom, or full house remodeling project, attend one of our upcoming seminars or arrange a meeting with one of our remodeling specialists.

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