Types of Kitchen Renovations

Planning ahead for big renovations, such as a kitchen remodeling project, is key to a successful one. The less stress you’ll experience and more knowledge you have about the process, the better. Home owners learn the key to successful renovations of their kitchens and bathrooms in our Love your Home seminars. This post discusses the first steps in planning. You will need to determine which type of renovation is best for you and what amount of money each should cost.

Different Types of Kitchen Renovations

There are 3 types of renovations.

  1. Cosmetic
  2. Remove and reinstall
  3. Custom

Some kitchen renovations fit into one category, others fall into two.

Cosmetic Kitchen Renovations

A cosmetic renovation of a kitchen is a simple job that replaces items that can be easily removed. This might involve a new countertop, tiled backsplash and new appliances.

The type of kitchen renovation you would perform if you were selling a home and there are only a few items you need to upgrade before you list your home on the market is cosmetic. If you’re unhappy with the colors or countertops in your kitchen, you might consider doing a cosmetic reno. If you only want to renovate your kitchen and don’t want a full new kitchen, a cosmetic kitchen remodel might be the best option. We frequently have clients who intend to move within the next 3 years. They want a nicer kitchen and can’t afford new cupboards.

How long does a kitchen remodel take?

This is a tricky question to answer. It all depends on your plans for the mini renovation. If all you want to do is paint your kitchen, then you can hire a local painter, choose your paint color, and have it completed in a day. Even if DIY is your forte, this project can still be accomplished in a weekend.

Planning for a new backsplash or countertop requires a bit more planning. Allow 1-4 weeks time for the quote, design and product selection. After that, you will need to allow for another 1-4 weeks before ordering the materials or waiting for them in. Depending on how many things you want to do, …. will take anywhere from 2 to 4 working days.

What’s the average cost for a Cosmetic Renovation of a Kitchen?

Depending on the work that you are planning to do, the range of costs can be quite wide. The cost of a fresh coat can be as low as $300-$500 to paint and as high as $30,000 for new countertops, plumbing items and new lighting. An affordable or expensive price is not always the case for cosmetic renovations. With only cosmetic upgrades, you don’t have to spend a lot. Here is where it is crucial to always keep in mind the reason you are renovating. The return on your investment should match what you expect to get from it (eg., more enjoyment, increased property value, etc.). Do not lose sight on your WHY, when renovating.

Remove and reinstall your kitchen renovations

The remove and then re-install renovation goes one step further in cosmetic renovation. This type reno would involve removing items and then re-installing them in the same place. This involves taking down kitchen cabinets and reinstalling new ones. This means your stove and sink stay the same, while the layout of your kitchen does not change.

This type reno could include the replacement of cabinets, hardware, as well as countertops, backsplashes and light fixtures.

How long does Re and Re (remove/re-install/kitchen reno) take?

High quality cabinets can take anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks to produce. No matter how your contractor orders cabinets through a supplier who makes them in a factory on an assembly line, expect to wait at least 4 weeks. Multi Trade Building Services uses a cabinet maker to make our cabinets. Your cabinets can be made in any size you need. We can custom build cabinets that are 27.36in wide to fit the space.

It takes 2-6 weeks to quote, design and select the right products for a re/re kitchen remodel. Ordering materials may take 4-10 days, and actual work can take 2-5 Weeks depending on how complicated the reno.

How much will a Re- and Re-kitchen remodel cost?

The size of your kitchen, as well as the quality and design of the cabinets you choose will all impact the answer. The price of stained maple cabinets is going to be higher than the cost of thermofoil cabinets.

The low end of the budget should be between $15,000 to $20,000. You will receive basic cabinets and hardware along with a basic laminate countertop. You could keep the appliances and existing flooring. The other end of this scale could be $50,000+ for upgraded cabinets, a new backsplash, new plumbing items and new appliances. Your reno can fall anywhere between these extremes depending what you choose.

Custom Kitchen Renovation

The sky is the limit with this kind of renovation. Let your imagination fly and create the kitchen that you have always wanted. This is what to do if your kitchen needs more space.

This could include redesigning your kitchen’s layout. It might include moving the stove, refrigerator, and sink. To increase the kitchen’s space, it might be necessary to remove the breakfast area. You may need to change the function of the kitchen when you do a custom remodel.

Sometimes you might need to change your lifestyle. When the kids are grown and out of the house, your kitchen might be used in a different way.

A custom kitchen renovation often involves moving walls or opening up new spaces. You need to be aware of whether the wall that is being removed or moved will be load bearing. Before you start any demolition, get in touch with an Architectural Technologist. Do NOT trust your contractor. Consult a specialist, have proper drawings drawn and get a permit. It is vital for your safety, and your home insurance.

What time does it take for a kitchen remodel?

This infographic will give you a breakdown on how much time it takes to renovate a kitchen.

What will it cost to renovate a custom-made kitchen?

There are no limits to this type renovation. Custom kitchen renovations can cost clients as much as $100,000. One of the clients entertains a lot at his home with his business associates. This included the demolition of a load bearing wall as well as two ovens and two sinks. Even though he was certain that he would not see a return on his investment (ROI), the type of renovation he chose met his specific needs at this moment in his career.

This type will typically cost between $35,000 and $80,000. The work involved and the quality, including countertops, appliances, will impact the overall cost. being installed. This type of renovation often includes new flooring as walls and layouts change. This often leads to the need to replace the flooring on the main floor. Think about the bigger picture when you are considering this type kitchen renovation. How will changing your kitchen’s layout affect your entire home or main floor?

Many kitchen remodeling projects fall into one or more of the three categories. Many renovations combine several of these categories. There are many experts who will meet you to discuss the details of your plans. Get the benefit of their decades of expertise and book a consultation.

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